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8. What does the Bible say about "Science" ?

       God's Word is not a science book, but when it speaks about what we call "scientific" information, it is absolutely correct!

       The English word "science" comes from the Greek word "gnosis", meaning simply "knowledge". Gnosis is translated "knowledge" 28 times in the King James Version. One time "gnosis" is translated "science", in 1 Tim 6:20,  where it is speaking of false oppositions of "so called science". Today, modern "science" still tends to "oppose" God's Word.

       We need to remember that man cannot make a "law of science". Man cannot enforce a "law of science" either, we can only OBSERVE the laws that God designed into our universe! Try as hard as they may, men cannot disprove the Scriptures. 

       Jesus said in John 10:35 "the scriptures cannot be broken". It is amazing to me that Jesus never corrected the Old Testament Scriptures, He QUOTED them! He even told the Pharisees, in John 5:39, that the Scriptures were written about Him! Jesus, the eternal second person of the trinity CREATED THE EARTH AND UNIVERSE! Heb 1: 1-3 The worlds were made by Him. John 1:3 All things were made by Him. 1 Cor 8:6 All things exist by means of the Lord Jesus Christ. Col 1:16&17 "For by him were all things created that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether [they be] thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:" Verse 17 says that He EXISTED before all things, and that He is holding all things together. If Jesus let go, this world would fly apart! Eph 3:9 says God created all things by means of Jesus Christ. No wonder the Scriptures cannot be broken! The Creator Himself inspired every word in God's Word.


       Before the first manned moon mission, I heard scientists on the radio and TV say that "if no evidence of life is found on the moon, science will have to go completely back to the drawing board in our study of the origin of the universe". But, the Lunar probes found no evidence of life on the moon, it was sterile. But, has science "gone back to the drawing board"? I don't think so.

       A discovery on the first moon mission PROVED, instead of disproved, God's Word. Dr. Henry Morris, a scientist who is a Bible believing Christian, said that scientists expected the moon to have about 22 feet of "moon dust" on its surface. Objects in space are said to attract cosmic "dust" at a rate determined by the density of their atmosphere and the "age" of the object. NASA scientists used a formula to determine the thickness of the moons dust, and they used so many "millions of years" for the age of the moon. If you remember, the Lunar Lander had huge flat feet, so it wouldn't sink into the "moon dust", and guess what, the feet went "clunk", in just a few inches of moon dust.

       Dr. Morris then used NASA's own formula and worked it BACKWARDS with the moon's correct "inches of dust", and solved for the moon's "AGE". The astonishing answer, using NASA's own formula, was that the moon calculates to be about 7000 years old!

       We have no way of knowing the age of the original earth, but we do know the approximate age of the moon from Scripture. The Hebrew in Genesis 1:1 states that the original earth was "created" (Hebrew "barah"), or brought into being from non existent materials. But, in Genesis 1:2, the earth was then "made to become an empty wasteland", we think due to the fall of Satan. Isaiah 45:18 says that the original earth was NOT created a void, or wasteland, but it was brought into being to be inhabited.

       God cannot create junk, everything He CREATES is PERFECT! The original earth, Satan and all the angels, the garden of Eden, and Adam and EVE were ALL created perfect. The sin, sickness, imperfections and disasters we see today are a result of Satans fall and the disobedience of Adam and Eve. God cannot "create" sinful human beings like you and I, He obtained us through human procreation, from fallen Adam and Eve. The rest of Genesis 1:14 through Genesis chapter 2 verses 1 and 2 describe how God took the EXISTING materials of His ORIGINAL creation, and "formed" them into a RESTORED Earth, prepared for Adam and Eve.

       God may have created the original earth millions of years ago, we don't know, BUT, God placed the moon in the sky on the FOURTH day of the RESTORATION, in Genesis 1:14-19. Adding up the Scripture genealogy from Adam to Jesus totals about 4000, and if we add our 2000 years from the birth of Christ, we are approximately 6000 years from Adam. NASA's formula, and the actual thickness of the moon dust proves that the Creation account in Genesis is LITERALLY CORRECT! Adam and Eve and our sun and moon were created approximately 6000 years ago!


       Here are nine passages in the Scriptures that describe what we call "scientific information". This "science" was written in God's Word over 2000 years ago, and only recently credited as a "scientific discovery" by a modern "scientist":

1. Job 38:31,32 Movement of the planets:

      About 100 years ago an astronomer named M. Medler discovered that Alcyone, the brightest star in the constellation Pleiades, is the gravitational center of the universe. In the discussion between God and Job in Job chapter 38, the Hebrew phrase "bind the sweet influences of Pleiades" in verse 31 is describing Pleiades as "binding" or "connecting" the heavens together by its gravitational "influence". Bob Thieme, in his book "Canonicity", says that the Hebrew word "kimah" meant "hinge", "pivot, or "axil"! Amazing, God named that spot in the universe and gave this information to Job over 3000 years before Medler the astronomer discovered it!

 2. Job 28:25 Air has weight:

       In Job 28:25, God says that He made a "weight" for the winds, or literally for the "moving air". Approximately 350 years ago, the scientist Galileo initiated the scientific concept that air had "weight". Today we know that the downward pressure of a one square inch column of air at sea level is 14.7 pounds. Notice also in Job 28:26 & 27 God told Job that He decreed in eternity past where and when rain would fall and lightning would strike! That is why our modern laws wisely call a lightning strike an "Act of God".

3. Static electricity

       Jer 10:13 states that God "causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth; he maketh lightenings with rain". God is describing to Job that the condensation of water vapor causes static electricity. Scientists studying lightning discovered that this can be proven in the science laboratory.

4. Who thought the earth was flat?

       In Isa 40:22 the earth is said to be a "circle" in the KJV. The Hebrew word translated "circle" is "chug" meaning a SPHERE. "Chug" is translated "circle" here and "compass" in Prov 8:27, but means a sphere or ball. God's people since the time of Isaiah the prophet knew that the earth was a "sphere" or "ball" and not flat. The ancient people who thought the earth was flat either did not know, or did not believe the Old Testament Scriptures! Even our English word "atmosphere" means a "sphere" of "air"!

5. The Earth rotates on its axis

       In Luke 17:31-36, Jesus is describing the Second Advent at the end of the Great Tribulation, when He will return to earth to rule and reign over this earth for 1000 years, and He says both "in that day", and "in that night". He describes people involved in daytime and nighttime activity at the same point in time.  Jesus knew that the earth was a rotating sphere that has daylight on one side while it is night on the other side! He should know, He created it!

6. Quarantine for communicable diseases

       In Lev 13:45,46, God states that leprosy victims in the contagious stage must be quarantined. This reminds us that the Jews, as God's people, had medical, dietary, and civil laws long before the rest of the world.

 7. Telegraph

       In Job 38:35 God asked Job if he could send the lightning with a message and say "here we are". Amazing, God is describing messages transmitted by electricity. Man would not understand the significance of this discourse between God and Job until Alexander Graham Bell sent his first electrically transmitted message. Bell's first message, on March 10, 1876, was "Mr. Watson, come here; I want you". Do you remember from your history book what Bell's reaction was when Mr. Watson acknowledged that the first electrically transmitted message was successful? Bell said "What God hath wrought!"

8. Human physiology and the circulation of blood in the human body

       Long before Dr Harvey discovered the circulation of blood in our bodies, Solomon wrote about it in Eccl 12:6! Verses 3 - 7 are an amazing description of the physiology of the human aging process also. Especially amazing when we realize that it was written in God's Word over 2000 years ago! In verse 6, the "silver cord" is the spine, the "golden bowl" refers to the cranium, and the "pitcher, fountain, wheel and cistern" refer to the heart and circulatory system. Verse 3 describes the result of the aging process on the nervous system, back, teeth, and eyes. Verse 4 describes hearing loss and sleeplessness. Verse 5 describes fears in general, fear of heights, bitterness, loss of strength and motivation.

9. The Earth's fixed weather patterns 

       In Eccl 1:5-7 Solomon describes the fixed circuits of the earth's weather patterns and winds and the laws of evaporation and condensation of water long before it became "scientific knowledge". The rivers constantly run into the sea, but the sea does not get full. The waters return to the rivers (through evaporation, condensation and wind pattern and rain) and run into the seas again! Read the book of Ecclesiastes sometime. Solomon wrote the book of Ecclesiastes. The word "Ecclesiastes" basically means "Listen up, I have something to say!". He was the richest man the world has ever seen. He had it all, and if he heard about something new anywhere in the world, he sent for it, so he could have it too. In the end, he found that "things" could not make him really happy. In the last two verses, his conclusion is to fear God and keep His Word, and then we can enjoy "things".


       Most people today are aware that the world is headed for a single economic system and a world wide currency. Modern politicians are even telling us we need it. Rev 13:16 & 17 state that the world WILL have such a system, but it will be under the World Leader we call "Antichrist", and after he has the economic system fully under his control, no one can BUY OR SELL without his "mark" in their hand or forehead. The world system of the Antichrist is described in Rev 17:5 and 18:2 as "Mystery Babylon". I read some library books on the world kingdom of ancient Babylon, and amazingly discovered why God calls the system of the Antichrist "Mystery Babylon": 4000 years ago in ancient Babylon, they had a fascination with numbers and records. They used a NUMBER instead of a NAME for each citizen. They had public scribes who wrote down every buying and selling transaction, and there was a public record of every item the people possessed, right down to shoes and clothing!

       Can one man rule the world and have a record of every buying and selling transaction? 2000 years ago, such a thing would seem impossible. But, today with modern computers and international communication, we are on the very verge of such a system actually being instituted! 


       In Rev 11:6-12, during the Great Tribulation which will someday come upon this earth, two of God's special prophets are tormenting the world by proclaiming God's Word and working miracles to back it up. The world's armies cannot kill them. In verses 8-10, God finally allows them to be killed and their bodies lie in the street in Jerusalem for three and a half days. The unsaved people of the whole world SEE their dead bodies in the street and are so happy that they send gifts to each other.

This seemed impossible until television was invented. Then it seemed far-fetched until Operation Desert Storm in 1991, when the CNN network company hooked up the first live worldwide TV broadcast, and the whole world was able to see Iraq bombard ISRAEL with Scud missiles.

This is even more awesome when we realize that Iraq is where ancient Babylon was located! In the Book of Revelation, the world system of Antichrist is called "Mystery Babylon", and in the end of Great Tribulation in the Book of Revelation, all of the forces of "Mystery Babylon", are directed against Israel! It is all lining up right before our very eyes! God's Word is absolutely amazing!


       Rev chapter 9 is an amazing description of modern attack helicopters spraying chemical weapons from their tails. The Apostle John described the vision God gave him as accurately as he could, using the most familiar terms of the time he lived in.

We know that what John describes as "locusts" are not literal locusts, because literal locusts destroy green growing things, as in Exodus 10:13-15. But John's "locusts" only hurt men and do not hurt the green growing things. Also, the "locusts" that John saw were obeying commands and have a "king" in verse 11, but, Prov 30:27 says that the literal locusts HAVE NO king.

In Rev 9 Verse 3, they are shaped like locusts or grasshoppers. (A good description of the shape of modern attack helicopters) Verse 7, They looked like horses prepared for battle. (Decked out with all kinds of battle equipment)

Verse 9, They had "armor plating", and "wings" that sounded like many chariots pulled by horses running to battle - an excellent description of a modern helicopter's "thump thumpity thump". Modern helicopters use "boron" armor plating, which is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.

Verse 10, They had turned up tails like scorpions, and their stings came out of their tails. (A helicopters tail is upturned, and the chemical spray bar sticks out the rear)

Verse 7, In the front where a grasshoppers face would be, they had MEN'S FACES! John said the men wore crowns of gold. Attack helicopter pilots now have a laser gunsight that fits AROUND their helmet, so their weapons hit what they LOOK at, and the ones I have seen are GOLD colored, and look just like a gold crown, and have the military designation "GLLD", for Guided Laser Locator Device" - a virtual gold crown!

Verse 8, The reference to long hair could be the pilots hair, or the overhead spinning rotor blades. I have read where the European military is now issuing HAIRNETS to SERVICE MEN with long hair!

Also in verse 8, Teeth like lions - many attack helicopters have TEETH painted around the lower front of the fuselage. Also, the racks of rockets look like teeth.

Verse 4, The weapons John saw in Rev. Chapter 9 do not hurt the environment in the early stages of the battle, but only incapacitate men. Modern chemical weapons have been developed to do exactly that - hurt the soldiers but don't hurt the environment. We thought the world had banned chemical warfare after World War 2 and its horrible use of chemicals, but in 1988, Iraq {ancient Babylon of all places!} used a type of chemical weapons that killed many of their own Kurdish people!

Verse 5, The soldiers are incapacitated, but not killed. Modern military chemical weapons can do exactly the same thing and they attack the nervous system exactly like a scorpions sting! Some modern chemical weapons are designed to kill, and others to just incapacitate the soldiers and preserve the local "infrastructure".

In verse 6, the the soldiers John saw were so incapacitated that they want to die but do not even have the presence of mind to kill themselves. An incredible 2000 year old description of modern helicopter gunships and chemical weapons!


       In Rev 8:7 A third part of the trees and all of the green grass is burned up, and hail and fire mingled with blood are rained down upon the earth. It was not until the first atomic bomb tests that this could be clearly understood. The blast and fire vaporize human and animal flesh and blood and the heat carries it up high into the sky. There, it freezes and rains back down as hail mingled with blood!

One early atomic test was at the surface of the ocean, and so much water vapor was carried up into the atmosphere that hail stones estimated as weighing TONS rained down and dented the hulls of the observation ships!

In Zech 14:12, in a context of Jesus return at the Second Advent, Zechariah says that the people of all the nations (see verse 2) gathered against Jerusalem in that day shall suffer the same fate that the victims of the atomic blast in Hiroshima suffered, "their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their sockets, and their tongues shall consume away in their mouth".

Aren't you glad that God loves His people and can protect them individually, even while the nation where they live is being disciplined? I love Malachi 3:15-17. It says that proud people are being called happy people, and they that work wickedness are being promoted, and even those who tempt God are getting away with it. But, they that fear the Lord speak often to one another and the Lord is hearing it, and a book of remembrance is being written with the names of them that fear the Lord and think upon His name. And the Lord says "they shall be mine, and in the day when I make up my jewels, I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him".

       The "Science" of mankind is what men "observe", but it is only true science if it lines up with the Word of God. God has designed this world to "confound the wisdom of the wise" - "that no flesh should glory in His presence", 1 Cor. 1:19-29. Man can write down what they observe perfectly correct, and continually come to the wrong conclusions.

In Psalm 119:97 - 100, David said "O how love I thy law! it [is] my meditation all the day. Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they [are] ever with me. I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies [are] my meditation. I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts."

Stay in fellowship, take in God's Word, and seek to live by it, and you will find yourself wanting to do what God wants you to do and be what He wants you to be.  

Bob Jones