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Hi Bob.

I read your brief exegesis of Jesusís counsel to go buy a sword. My daughter made an interesting observation recently which has issued a challenge to me and several of my sons.

She noted for us that the talk of defending oneself or family against an aggressor seems to be missing from the Bible record after Pentacost. There was certainly a lot of violence and opportunity to defend against the Romans in the days of the apostles. We however find little no evidence that any of them acted violently in self-defense. This seems to be in marked contrast to Jesus counsel before His death.

Where does my responsibility begin and end for the defenseless is my question.



Hi James, good to meet you.

I see self defense and defense of our family as so basic that it hardly needs to be stated. I see the reason that we are so "lax" concerning "self defense" is that we were born in America, where law and order, and police protection, have tended to make us feel "safe". When an American is mugged, raped, or tied up and forced to watch their family abused, they tend to think differently about self defense.

As I noted in my "Gun Control" paper, when Jesus told His disciples to "sell their garment" if necessary, and "buy a sword" if they didn't have one, two of the disciples were already "carrying" one. In John 18:11, we find Peter was carrying his small personal sword in a "sheath", and, of course, it was sharp enough to cut off the "servant's ear" with one blow.

In Old Testament times, all the men of God's chosen nation of Israel were trained in the military.

If all Christians were defenseless throughout history, I don't think there would be any Christians today. History tells us of millions of Christians being disarmed and killed. The strong will prey upon those who are perceived to be "weak", and that is a lesson we men learned on the playground. When Jesus told Israel to "Turn the other cheek", He was offering them the Millennium, and "peace on earth", with Him as King, but Israel rejected Jesus, and the last half of the Book of Matthew becomes a "condemning ministry". This is why Jesus said "turn the other cheek" at the beginning of His ministry, and "buy a sword" at the end.

I believe the 12 Apostles were unique, and under the special protection of God. Even when the Apostle Paul was stoned, and left for dead, in Acts 14:19 & 20, God raised him up from the pile of stones and he walked away, to continue his missionary journey. But, after the last Apostle died, history tells us the slaughter of Christians began.

Is your daughter aware of the statistics listed at During the 20th Century, governments murdered four times as many of their own disarmed civilian citizens, as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined! Over a million of these disarmed 20th century citizens were Christians.

I think we are very naive if we do not think this can happen in America. 30 States, by my last count, are standing up for the 10th amendment, and "States Rights", resisting all the unconstitutional "executive orders", and laws being passed by Congress.

The apostle Paul certainly alludes to "self defense", when he states, in Romans 12:18, "If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men". It may not always be possible.

When officials, who are sworn to uphold our Constitution, act and pass laws that are unconstitutional, I think every Christian must do some "soul searching" and praying concerning when to "obey", and when to "resist".

I think it is wise, at this point in our history, to pray for the best, and prepare for the worst.

Thank you for the question,